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September 21, 2005


Arapça müzikler

abba too!
love dancing to abba! http://arapcamuzikler.com


I look forward to reading about what dicoveries you make in your personal coaching journey with the always life-affirming Andrea.

I've been meaning to ask (appropros of nothing here)...did you just get the biggest kick out of "Sideways" having lived in Solvang? (We just recently saw it.) :)


I love that: "get on a ladder and REACH" - good thing I am not afraid of heights!

The one thing that I know helps me out of a slump or to move on when I feel stuck is to GET DOING! Stop thinking and living inside my head (easily done when I spend a lot of time on my own and away from friends) and go out there and DO. The life coaching is a great idea, good luck with that!

And that's a beautiful illustration, wonderful colours.


so beautiful---just added your blog to ma site:)


I admire your spirit and determination. Good luck reaching your goals!

Your illustration is really lovely.


abba too!
love dancing to abba!


I can feel your excitement and your determination. Go kick some ass, miss!


i love andrea scher! she seems to have
such a funky spirit. do you know her.
i would love to get one of her superhero
necklaces. good luck with the coaching.


Even though I've been through a lot of transitions and can probably recite the entire text of Transitions (by William Bridges ... great book) since I've read it so much ... I still struggle with knowing when I should (1) just be gentle with myself and trust that I'll come out of a slump in my own good time, or (2) give myself a good swift kick in the butt! Sometimes I think I tell myself it's okay to do #1 and use it as an excuse when I really should do #2, just like you're doing, so I find a lot of inspiration in this post. Thank you!


Beautiful illustrations. I like the colors you have used. Good luck with the coaching.


Pretty inspirational! Good for you. I need to make time for things like this.


Wow! That is a full plate. I appreciate the life coach thing. They do wonders for setting goals and such. My husband is a life coach and personal trainer. One thing he always tells his clients is the difference between coaching and therapy is this- coaching discovers and therapy uncovers. Good luck to you. Great list by the way. cheers.

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