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September 27, 2005



This is a woman from a book I have called "Japanese Beauties", and the stamps are from Japan. I collected stamps as a kid and somehow the collection managed to stay with me all these years, so now I use them in my collages.

oinker's art

Is she japanese?
these Stamps are seem to be old japanese stamps which I rememmber.


morning girly...
hope all is well on the west coast.
middle indiana is quickly turning to
fall. the night moon has been just
brilliant. this is my favorite time
of year. thanks for mandela quote. i
am going to print it off and put it up
all over my house. the kids love it when
mommy trys to be inspirational. we have a
family here who went on sabatical and are on
a cruise to clean up different areas in the
carribean. they got to meet desmond tutu and
his wife at a reception. how exciting....
have a great week


Years ago, someone gave me that Mandela quote on a large, bright piece of paper. I loved it...and posted it up in the cubicle where I was temping at the time. Years later I learned that Mandela didn't say it...Marianne Williamson did. She even addresses it on the front page of her site at www.marianne.com. They are powerful words indeed, and she's written many...I truly love her books. And it's so true--it's not only that others have voices they try to impose on us--it's that we ALLOW those other voices to have power over us. I was already in my mid-30's before I realized that one 'loop' I had running through my head wasn't even my voice...it was someone else's! Sounds like you're doing deep and meaningful work.


This is a great piece that shouts fresh renewal. You are talented and this is fabulous!


There is a sense of happy renewal in this piece. The colors, pink and green, are fresh / refreshing. Lovely.


Genius - your image is brilliant, gorgeous and talented :)This very fresh - we should all try to hold onto that freshness.

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