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February 16, 2006



oh, how lovely it is to have a picture of your grandmother's hands. i have one, too. i am so so *grateful* for it. those hands that comforted me so many times, that crocheted and knitted many footies and puppets, those hands that shaped many meatballs and pie crusts. i cannot think of my granmother without thinking of her beautiful, crepey, arthritic, beautiful,knuckly hands.

butterfly kelly

Hi Christine--

I was checking my web stats and found links incoming from swirly.com -- so I clicked on in here and have been perusing your site, looking at your latest greatest art projects -- lovely, inspirational stuff you've got here!!

hope all is well...i'm in and around SB and sometimes LA if you want to hook up. give me a buZZ -- i'm in the book...!

xoxo -- bFly_kelly


wow. do i post this word too often here? you wow me.


love this. all of it.


The small and simple things are the greatest!


....putting on a new pair of soft, fluffy socks.





were you ever a dancer. i like the pink
tutu. and i love dancing with the stars!
i want dance lessons!

happy weekend girlie

Angela Giles Klocke

She's so cute!

I LOVE the simple things in life. It is always noted around here that the small things make me happiest :)


Like this a LOT---so cool how you put these elements together and I love the quote.


I really like the elements you've incorporated in your illustration...the big eye, the toe shoes, the strawberry, the cloud of blonde hair... and I love your post. Simple but full of meaning.


Great image!


I'm wanting to reach out and gulp up that little red strawberry in her hand. (This painting makes me smile!) Thank you dearly for this wonderful list! It comes on a day when I made everything unnecessarily complicated-a pesky annoying habit o'mine!
(p.s. I can't email you back yet because my computer for some bizarre reason isn't loading when I press "send." As soon as its fixed, you have mail heading your way! Just wanted you to know!)

liz elayne

beautiful. thank you for this. the reminder i needed after a long evening...

Sarah Smith

Your illustrations are awesome. I can't help but smile when i see them :)


Good stuff! So ... SIMPLE!


resonating with you, once more. psychic connection indeed!

all your simple things bring warmth upon reading them.

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