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February 11, 2008


chocolate covered musings

fear of being abandoned and/or betrayed runs deep in me and your writing really spoke to me today. i haven't read the four agreements, though i use the byron katie process (thework.com) to help me when i lose sight of what really is.

i've been thinking a lot about what friendship is, how people can get to misunderstanding, simply because i forget to accept the other person as they are.

great reminders for me today, thank you. thank you


You are a powerful force to be reckoned with. So funny, this is exactly what I was thinking today too...thank you for putting down so well into words that inspire....

you rock.


How freeing is that "Don't Take It Personally" agreement? That, in combination with "Don't Make Assumptions" agreement, has kicked most of my relationships up a notch. (or splatted them to the ground, if that's where they needed to go)

I'm sending good vibes for ease and flow on the thermals as you rise above. D


Your words echo my thoughts during the winter months. Every winter my fears confront me with no place to hide, since it is too cold to go out and share them. I sit with them and they assault me, until I fight/face them. Then I realize that's what winter is...a dying of things, hibernating the germs of good and renewal. Then the warmth of the blessing of renewal comes and then I can open the door and go out again. A new person, having left some little fear behind during that blast of winter and with each winter a little more fear will leave and I will eventually become that fully actualize person, that dwells in the sun as well as the night. So I echo your thoughts. Your honesty is a comfort.


i have fears that prevent anyone from getting too close...they are not rational...yet they do exist...i am learning to deal with them...i so understand your words...i have missed you...hugs, r

tricia scott

i love this post and i love your blog---i have been visiting for a time now and want to say thank you for your wonderful honesty. i like the thought of not putting walls around our fears. i am trying to do that these days, some days are easier for me than others. :) you are so right---this is where the growth can take place. so many lessons to learn....


boho girl

i will come back to read this often as it is soaked with wisdom, gentleness and pure truth.

i love you and can feel your peace and clarity from here.



I'm so glad I came over to read this. I had clicked over from Sparkletopia to read the Teary entry and almost got chills when I read this. I'm doing a lot of self work revolving around fear right now. It started for me with a parenting book I'm reading, but I quickly realized that the implications were far greater for me than even for my children. I've lived such a long time with fear, and it colors everything.
This post is a keeper.

Ms. Conley

I love your honesty.....so very much! Brave....Totally understand this Swirly....xo


This is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you. Found you through Lunar Musings. Will visit more often to read your thoughts.


I can not tell you how this has touched me....i do not have words to explain my current situation, my current emotional status and my current frame of mind. Thank you for letting me know that i am not alone...even though that is very much how i feel on the inside.


Amen wise sister. I salute your wisdom and cheer you on in this path. xx


that tip from the four agreements is one that has stuck with me as well. and boy oh boy did i need the reminder today. thanks for that, christine.


that tip from the four agreements is one that has stuck with me as well. and boy oh boy did i need the reminder today. thanks for that, christine.


thank you! i haven't read The Four Agreements but have been working on trying not to take things personally. it can be so hard not to feel somehow responsible for the feelings and responses of other people, to feel that somehow if you were different they would be too. for me it is very much an ongoing process.

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Wonderful thoughts, and true for us all....
It was because most of us weren't validated enough when we were young, that we need it so much now, it's okay to need and want recognition by others, because we are here to be in relationship with others, and its so important to us, how our relationship is, is it close?..or not..and that's how we feel safe and happy and free to be ourselves, or not...
Thanks for sharing...


I wonder why you have been placed in my path. I feel somehow connected to you. Your work and your words are amazing


you are right...exactly what I needed to read today. I'll probably have to read this entry several times. as always thank you my dear! xoxo


I get this. Love and compassion, regardless of the other things we stumble over, are still the most powerful, the most lasting and the most salvific.

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