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February 05, 2008



Truly blessed indeed...i sometimes wonder if you beautiful women know how you encourage and inspire those of us who only read your blogs...longing to be part of your group of friends...and then knowing that it is all part of life...knowing that we have our just as beautiful and inspiring friends right around us...even if not in person...even if it is across the oceans...but we all have amazing friends...and you reminds me of mine every day!

beautiful photos...i can feel the power of friendship in every photo...xx

Heidi whitney

Look at all of these sexy, lovely ladies. Oh, look there is one of me!!
Hee hee


I love the words and the pictures, makes me long for good women friends two. It has been a long time.


You really re supremely blessed.


This is so incredibly beautiful. How wonderful that you honor those you are blessed with in this way.

andrea scher


missing you guys already!


Christine, my love - I see the recent trip has inspired you! I love you so! Are we still thinking of Colorado sometime in March?


oh honey...I feel so blessed to have you in my life. we're a lucky group of women! love you ...xoxo


aw, this is so lovely... i love you my angel... only a few more days to go! xo

boho girl

loved this so much.

i think i love you more than marsha brady. ; )
i feel wicked blessed.


I feel a bit like I've been inducted into the most soulful gang in the world. Blessed indeed. Love you.

jen gray

feeling supremely blessed right back at ya...

love this
love you


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