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July 23, 2009



I have not watched you video yet but I will in a few minutes. Loved the video with you and Marisa together. The idea of talking about a specific subject and having several artist/bloggers weighing in is great and I hope this happens. You two are such an inspiration.

Kelly Travers


Long time no see. Now I see you in video -- very nice -- ! Please check your inbox for email from me.

Carolyn | A Beautiful Ripple Effect

So much fun! Just saw this - can't wait to watch your 2nd!! You're a natural!


just found you via susannah and you are lovely....so so lovely, but I must confess, I'm not sure who I am more taken by, you or your lovely tape dispenser? must think on that one :)


muah muah oh I love you girlie!!!!!


Great job Christine!
Yes, you are just natural!
Thanks for the tour of your studio! And yeah that chicken tape dispenser stands out!
Great product..hmm.....how can I make one...hmm...
yes, More videos!


Cool !!
I loved it!!


i know we always crack up when we're together for no good reason but how is it that i crack up watching you?

you just bring it out in me, sister.

i love you.
love your pigtails.
love your studio and huge comfy chair that i've sat in sipping wine or coffee or more wine.

can't wait to be with you in a few weeks!

loved this.


Short and sweet. Beautiful voice...and you talk as if you know exactly what you are going to say.
Enjoy the quiet this weeks..sounds as if the next few is going to be busy and beautiful! xx

nina beana

i hearted this.


oh i've missed you and this was like getting a quick chat in. it also reminds me how much i wish to post another video.... hmmmmm....



LOVED your video, thanks for "dancing"

Jennifer Lee

OMG, you are so delightful! So fun to experience you. Thanks for the glimpse into your studio. I am coveting your gorgeous painting ;)

P.S. - I got to hang out w/ Amy last Friday and meet Gia and Drew. All such sweethearts!!!

mati McDonough

you're cute! love your pigtails. and i spy my paintings in the back ;)

doorways traveler

so fun to hear your voice and see you in full animation.
i loved it. xo lisa

Kristen Fischer

aaah--there's ma girl. you are so cute!!!


Ack! I love this!! It's so nice to "see" you and "hear" you! Thank you for sharing!! :)


I love it!! I feel like I'm right there with ya...dontcha know!


Of course, my standard blog comment is once again appropriate. LOVE. congratulations!! you are absolutely a natural, but then again I know this because I've seen you be at this much ease in front of an actual audience of real people :) ...and you know next time I'm over I'm so stealing the chicken tape dispenser that I've been coveting for months...see you soon!! xoxo


ohhh, that was so cute, and even cuter because i have sat on that floor and watched you make art! i miss you dolly - you are a natural on camera ;) xox


Nice job Swirly! What a kickass studio! I was thinking that before you even started the tour :)


fabuloso! it is so nice to be able to "see" you especially after our e-mail exchange yesterday. please keep doing these videos!

Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

Nice to have this wee chat this morning! xx

Paris Parfait

You're pretty good at this! I have more notebooks headed your way soon. xo



you are such a natural on screen--damn, woman! and what camera do you use that worls so well and is small enough to fit on a painting .. ?

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