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October 05, 2009


Ed Hardy Outlet

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You must (simply absolutely must) leave books in Seattle, Washington. We're such the artistic, voracious-reader type.


I do wish that you would explain what the 100 book project is also, from what I can gather... it sounds like a really great way of getting your work out there all over the world!

Amie aka MammaLoves

If you need a book fairy in Washington, DC, let me know. Though I'd love to find one myself! ;)

lynda howells

l love your work..what is this 100 bk project? Sounds interesting.I am in Uk is it over herexxlynda

Carol S

i'm not sure what the 100 books project is about. have read as much of your blogs as i can but still not sure


i'd really love to be a book fairy

i live in sydney australia and work with a really special group of families. certainly some who really need a little (or a lot) of magic to add to their lives


do you need more book fairies--maybe in Houston Texas USA?

doorways traveler

dude, i just LOVE that you are doing this. i feel a sparkling moments revolution coming on...


I love your 100 Books Project. I'm in Australia if you wanted to send any over this way?


I have been meaning to buy your book for a while, because I love your blog and I love this 100 book project! If you need someone to drop them around in Spain, let me know. X


this is too much fun!

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