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October 15, 2009


&rew Borloz

Even though I have been blogging for over two years, I am still learning. Two things I need to do are preparing and planning as they would make my blogging time more efficient and effective.


I wish I knew how challenged I would be internally. When I pondered blogging, it was more about the nitty gritty part of being human. As I started reading other blogs I noticed there seemed to be a modicum of restraint about the deeply personal bits that I wanted to write about and then the damn war began and I started editing myself and then I flat out stopped. lol I'm going to stop now b/c I realize this is the comment section and I felt myself grabbing the "mic" and getting ready to let loose.


I've just started trying to blog consistently, and my biggest block is that I need to just write, and not worry overly much about what my purpose is. I'm still a little shy about promoting it, though!


I've learned to check my links and to always be proof-reading. :)


I used to think blogging was just for fun and very free in structure...I have since learned it takes a LOT of time and planning...still learning!


When I first started blogging I had no idea how much blogging was going to become a part of what I do...it has been good. I keep wanting to improve my blog...and build my readership...that's my new focus.


I wish I'd known how taking a three month break would bring my traffic to a screeching halt! It's never recovered after the major boom and sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes I regret that-and wish I'd hung in there. If only I could have predicted the future!

I wish I'd began scheduling time for it much earlier on, rather than trying to get to it when I could and having it feel like an obligation.



I wish I knew how rewarding and inspiring blogging can be, I would have begun a couple years before. But I felt entirely shy. Blogging has been a great muse and place to connect with the world!


I wish I'd known that it takes time to get the momentum going, find our voice and attract our audience. Taking a break is often a bad idea and can make it really hard to get back into a groove again. Also wish I'd known better than to pull the plug on an earlier blog just because I thought I was over it. Deleted everything. Now I know that the lulls will come and there will be phases when I'll swear that I've got nothing to share ... but it passes and the inspiration eventually returns.

Kristi Wodek

Blogging wisely....How to promote without it being forced. Also, increasing blogging traffic. I love my family...but think it is time to expand outside of that safe circle. Help.

Karen Carnabucci, MSS, LCSW, TEP

I've been blogging. The biggest challenges:

Making time.
Focusing -- there can be so much to say.
Identifying what my blog readers what to read.

The biggest gifts:

Feedback from readers
Having the opportunity to have my say.
Having the "local" online newspaper pick up some of my blog posts.


I wish I had figured out earlier how to enlarge my photos and I also wish I had known how human everyone is and how they love the real side of me...the bad times with my teenager or my heart aching when my hubby had to move to a different state for a new job...the support I received has been overwhelming and if I had known how much the real stuff hits home, I would have starting writing about it sooner....


now that i'm starting up a small business selling my art - i'd love to know more about writing creative post titles, posts that hold a readers' attention and how to market my self through the blog. ie increasing web traffic. and how do you advertise on the web??? and what about all those questions that i dont know to ask yet??? i see a steep learning curve ahead!!! yay!!!

Lara Blair

I never thought that I would see exactly where my interests are before I started blogging. That whole "Look, something shiny!" thing has happened for me when I think of topics, products, etc to blog about. It has made my life path very clear.

Frankly, I am in love with it. It fuels the fire each week!


I wish I had known about how to write in a way that compells others to comment on my blog.

Karin Grow

Because I'm still so new to the world of blogging and online business, I may need some more experiences to know where and if I screwed up.


I often wish that I had planned ahead a bit more, thought through some of the places I might go with a blog, so there was a consistency of, uhm, purpose, and lots of other consistencies. And I still need to work on a plan for posting on a regular basis, that totally eludes me some weeks... apparently I need to just plan...

Stacy Hurt

Just one thing??? Hardly, LOL!

I wish I had researched services more; i.e. the differences between blogger, wordpress, live journal, etc... I'm now going to use my blog to sell my art quilts, cards, catnip quilts... FIRST I had to upgrade to the new blogger format; then upgrade again learning 'html' code to get different looks on my blog. *info on how to do what my 16 year old seems to have been born with*! What is too much, why does the blog look different on different browsers & will that effect what folks will see & buy?
Ok, stopping now.. sorry. I'm still working out these issues and it is a full time job and too bad I all ready have one of those!

Oh, one last one; how bad is it to have more than one blog? or should you?


i wish i would have used tags, i wish i would have been more consistent about which formats i used to upload images.

Jennifer White

I agree with Marianne above...I wish I fully would've known the options out there as well as a better defined purpose to the reason for my blogging...don't get me wrong, I do it mostly for me...but to know how to market myself is an entirely different direction I'd like to take.

Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

Great tips.

As for me, I think I wish I knew that one day I would want more flexibility in my platform and had considered starting things off on WordPress (which was very intimidating in those early days). But in the end, it hasn't mattered, I've found my way!


it's been such a huge learning experience along the way...and i've loved every minute of it. i don't believe i'd change a thing.


that it would alter the way you look at the world and record it - for the better...noticing the details. :)

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