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December 28, 2009


Rebecca Self

FUN! I love mine -- book #26, I believe.
Will you bring some to Jordan?
I'd be happy to be a Book Fairy in Switzerland or wherever else I roam...


such fun! what a journey for the books and for those who pass them along!


Happy new year Christine! I have so loved your blog more than ever this past year! Keep the great writing coming!


How do you become a book fairy?

Barbara Israel

I'll be going to Greece in July 2010 if you'd like me to leave one there. Let me know. Warm regards, Barbara


Gidge, you are the ginchiest!


Hi Christine! I have purchased 3 or 4 books and given them away, though kept one for myself. It lives on my coffee table, for others to browse through. It touches everyone who reads it, in some small way, that is pertinent to something going on in their life at that very moment. Gotta love that! I do. :)

If you need a volunteer, I'd love to leave a book here in Colorado somewhere!

Tara Bradford

I love these stories - how your book is surprising - and do doubt inspiring - lucky people around the world! Hope you're bringing one of your books to Jordan!

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