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December 22, 2009


doorways traveler

there is so much here.
i relate. i feel confessional and understood.

stunning writing, my friend.


I can really relate to so much of this, as I'm especially wanting to collapse in my studio and freshen my connection there, and it isn't going to happen this week. It's such a huge part of me and the holidays are really cramping my relationship there. Thank you, my friend. Just being honest with yourself is good enough. Remember the ripple effect.


thank you for this....I needed to read it...to feel it...to know that so much of what you wrote is already sitting in my heart....and now it feels like you've somehow given it wings....and a voice !


I watched a 25 year old friendship completely disappear this year. After years of dancing around the truth, but never allowing it to be spoken, it is an amazing relief to have nothing left to hide!


a theme...with truthfulness being tentatively explored around our dining room table between ex's, steps, and currents...very sweet.




thanks for summing up in your post how i am feeling now too! I am feeling so out of balance these days with the rush of the holiday...but am glad i stopped for a bit and read your blog...thanks! and Merry Christmas!!


okay, so not only do you and I experience parallel lives-- now you and your BOYFRIEND are doing the same as, hand to god, last night at the kitchen counter, T spoke at length about "truthiness"-- the need for truth and how f'ing hard it is in so many situations to speak your truth. Needless to say-- I have passed along this post to him.

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