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January 26, 2010


Rebecca Lynch

I love reading about the books and what has happened to them.

If you are needing any more book fairies one of the ladies that I work with is going to Greece later this year. If I told her about your project I am sure she wouldn't mind helping to deliver a book or two. I know she gets excited about when I bring a project in to work on. I think this would be something she would like to do.


Iceland has one of the largest publishing industries in the world. They are true book lovers, so it's perfectly appropriate that the book project would make a stop here. I have a special place in my heart for Iceland. My husband, daughter and I spent a lovely week there exploring and adventuring together. We brought home a tiny little souvenir in my belly -- a son!

doorways traveler

let's all go together someday.

lovely leonie. lovely story. lovely project.

lovely you.

Tara Bradford

So good to see the lovely Leonie helping spread the joy! xo


oh how very lovely! and another reason for me to book a flight to iceland, already. just might have to make my way to the northern light inn :)

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