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January 20, 2010



so helpful. thank you.

Marisa and Creative Thursday

LOVE this!


I am in love with your handwriting and your words. Thank you angel. Thanks you.


Wow. Amazing. And I LOVE that you hand wrote it. Somehow it reads as more true that way...

Kim Mailhot

a friend sent me here - she thought I would like what you wrote. my wonderful friend is right.
I am painting in a sunbeam today, with my kitty cat on the chair beside me and my dog lying behind my chair. This is all I dream of doing TODAY. Hey, look at that, dreams really do come true !
Thank you for your wisdom !


beautiful thoughts. Thanks.


could I please have that tattooed backwards on my forehead so when I look in the mirror I will see it? and remember? oooo Maybe you could have it printed it on those "skin" things for i pods but something shaped for a forehead... always thinking over here... you know...


Just. what. I. needed. to read.


Ljus, Färger och Friska Dofter

You don´t know me... I am Olga in Sweden. Hello! I have had a very tired day today. I have been sleeping for hours. After waking up, still in the sofa, I talked with my man about the importance of dreams and about the JOY of striving towards something. (Maybe I upset him a little)

With my notebook in hand I picked up a dream that I was nurishing a lot some time ago. I kept on thinking of it... Made it a bit clearer here and there.

Then I sat down here infront of the computer, checked my mail. After the mail I ended up HERE (almoust) by chanse - and you had written this that was on my mind.

Our lifes are so valuable! And it is a good thing taking them seriously - as you are writing here. I like the fact that you are writing your letter by hand :-)

It is amazing and wonderful (I have goosebumps) reading the comments you have received here; how so many thought these your words were important to them in this moment. As they were to me.

This is the dream I wish to keep on nurishing: http://www.himla.nu/dream/

Lots of love to you and THANKYOU!


Love love Love this!


brilliant and beautiful. Thank you!


i love this! you are a rock star!! keep it coming! ;)


I love, love, l o v e this!

Sarah Ellis

Wonderful! Thanks for putting it up.


thank you.




Thank you for this. It lifted my heart today.

Stacy Hurt

you have such a knack for bringing my soul up thru my eyeballs and i watch it leak all over the keyboard... and it feels grand. thank you

elizabeth ~ so wabi sabi

thank you...I really needed this today;)


wow, i was having a really crappy day and this helped. i have to thank tara bradford for retweeting so i found it. and thank you for posting it.


Thank you

Tara Bradford

Brilliant. Thank you!

Jill Nalette

Christine- I needed to read this today and need to read it for the rest of my days. I so want to shine and not worry.
Thank you for your amazing words!!
Love, BIG hugs and smiles~ Jill


thank you.
love you.

ps i came across the price sheet you wrote up for my booth at squam and my heart fluttered seeing your penmanship, so happy to see it here. ;-D


yes. or should i say YES!!!!!

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