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May 24, 2010



A beautiful story! This trail is so close to my doctor's office. Love it!!


WOW! This story gave me goosebumps. What a beautiful letter. And it amazes me that so many lives are being blessed because you dreamed up this amazingly cool and generous and creative idea and cast it out into the universe.

I like you, Swirly Girl. :)

Safe and happy travels to you! How I wish I could join you at SAW!

Diane Duda

that's amazing!


what a wonderful email !


this is just the very best!


wow! what a wondrous and special series of moments for all concerned.
for you who wrote the words...
for jennifer who left the gift...
for yvonne who was brave enough to receive...
thank you so much for sharing this story. each of you now have given me hope.


I am so enamored with this idea...

Carmen Torbus

I have tears in my eyes reading this! Isn't it amazing how each book seems to be falling into the hands of exactly the person it was meant for. I love this project... and you. You are such an inspiration Christine. What a gift you are!

xo& belief in you,


Jenn C.


I'm taking your workshop next week, and I cannot wait!

I love love love reading these 100 Books project posts


utterly completely awesome!!!

Cori Berg

These stories are really just amazing... ♥♥♥


This makes my heart sing with happiness. Magical things do happen.


I love this! I love how you and your book fairies are connecting with so many people who need your inspiration! xo

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