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May 25, 2010



There are a few things I really love about this post.

1) You made me laugh with your comments about the PhD. I could just hear that entire paragraph coming out of your mouth, all tongue-in-cheek and everything. Love it.

2) I like that image of time melting away as you stand in front of your easel and paint. How everything else gets lost and fades away because you are so completely in the moment. I'd love to live that way -- completely in the moment -- more often.

Also, you are so gentle with yourself in this post! Here's what I mean.

First there was the realization through the bout of anxiety that the most important thing was just to show up. That is enough, and that is the point. I love that you had that realization.

And then giving yourself permission to leave that pile of shavings on the floor -- that "it's still there right now!!" made me laugh -- because you can. Because it's okay. Because you're not required to clean up every mess.

And then the realization that four-hour days a few days a week are enough. They don't have to be full-time weeks. But they're important because the work done there would not be done elsewhere.

I guess in all of this, I'm just noticing a gentleness with yourself that seems good and loving and right. I'm glad you've found it.


Tara Bradford

It looks and sounds like a gift to yourself and your art. You deserve it! xo


love the piece on the easel!


Sounds like you've learned to appreciate the studio by using it as it works best. Have a wonderful time letting the time fly by!


I'm so excited for your studio space!!!

Can't wait to see what develops.


I am SOOOOO thrilled for you....and I knew it, I knew once you got there it'd all flow....cuz you're you.

Rebecca in Switzerland

Yay! YAY! YAY!!!
The colors look like the glass factory on the side of the road near Amman. Che bello!
Have a fabulous time at SAW. JEALOUS.

doorways traveler

right on!


Showing up is all we can expect of ourselves on any given day. I'm glad to hear that a change of venue and losing the trappings of your home are good for the creative process!

Nancy S

I've had a few PhD moments myself. When you cook food it gets really hot! Plugging things in that require electricity makes them work a lot better. And you know what's really interesting? If you put acutal paper into a printer then it will print what's on your computer screen! Isn't that a kick?

Your best advice from this post? Just show up. So easy to overlook that one and so important. Just show up. One could apply that to almost anything in life. Thanks for the reminder. And enjoy your self-cleaning studio! Yay!

Karen M

So very jealous of you, but also happy for you. Jealous because my non-driving kid just returned home for the summer, and my working time is disappearing into driving her around. Happy for you, because you get to do the work. And then happy for the rest of us who will get to see your work! Have fun!


just show up.

(and isn't it really the only thing we ever need to do?)


So excited for you! I love Gus's attitude... it's an ART STUDIO... makes me feel better about the (messy) state of my home studio. At least it's in the back of the house and I can close the door!

Can't wait to see all of the magic that you make in your summer studio hours!

xo & buckets of belief in you,



Today I showed up at my photoshoot all ready to rock and roll and wouldn't ya know... no battery in the camera. Yep. True story. I had to send the nanny home to get it. I take her with me to watch my baby while I did head shots.
Sigh, it was a long day :)
Love your work, found you in Artful Blogging!

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