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July 29, 2010


Dana (LeiLiLaLoo)

This is a soothing piece of post, thank you for the golden tips :))
And the elephant looks like a work of art, it's really beautiful.


...after our lunch conversation this is brilliant...and clearly it worked!


How can you feel this way? You're so talented and fantastic and creative etc. etc. etc.! I guess it's only natural for everyone to feel this way from time to time, but I never thought people who actually ARE terrifically talented and brimming with creativity and ideas ever did feel this way. Huh. As much as I wish you didn't feel like this EVER, knowing that you do makes you seem more human and flawed (i.e. more like me!). So thanks for copping up to it. Now go back to your work with renewed vigour and trust--deep down you know how fantabulous you are... And if you ever doubt it again, you can always email moi, a total stranger (and therefore unbiased), and I will gladly set you straight!


Ahhh haaa haaa...LOVE IT! (and yes I do want to finish that bag of tortilla chips!)

Love the elephant too--he's a cutie pie.

Cindy Fort

Love the "paint a yellow elephant" tip!

Tia Tuenge

Yey for the nap! I'm guilty of napping at the studio myself:) All I can say is that I'm half way through your beautiful book and it has just the right words to sooth my frazzled soul. Thank YOU!

Ginger Hendler

Terrific! We all experience those moments, but painting a yellow elephant must certainly be the antidote for ennui and self-doubt.

Pippin Schupbach

you could add pick the lint off the carpet. however i will use these step next time my creative demons pay a visit. beautiful piece.


heehee! love this post!

Tara Bradford

Brilliant! Great idea. xo


I really needed this today! Thank you! I think I'll now go and paint a yellow elephant for fun! :)


I love it! I am definitely trying the Yellow Elephant technique in my next creative slump.



I can picture this whole scenario...just go with it. love you! xoxo


lol I can hear your voice in this post
love the elephant and you

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