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July 31, 2010


Heather Plett

Oh Christine - that is so, SO beautiful! I feel honoured that you chose to share something so precious with us.

Tara Bradford

I thought I commented on this, but maybe not. It is a TREASURE, indeed. Priceless! So very special and yes, time goes by way too fast. xo

Marisa and Creative Thursday

omg! that is incredible and you did such a beautiful job putting it together. how lucky are you to have this? oh and they look like such a wonderful couple. Is that the grandma you always take about?
oh and the song, beautiful too. ok, I'm just beside myself over here :)


i'm so touched by this.
i can only imagine how much this must fill up your heart, seeing your grandparents like this.

so very precious!

Tara Bradford

So gorgeous and special! xo

jen gray

gorgeous. ...


Too scared to look at the film but loved this post. I've been too far from home for too many years now. I imagine I could fall to pieces over treasure like this.
Thanks for Imogen Heap though ... I had never heard of her

Dragonfly Reflections

What a gift this is. Thank you so much for sharing a little with us.



Both of these lovely videos had me in tears. I think for many of us from the same generation it's like having the photos we've looked at of our grandparents suddenly spring to life. The colors and fashions are the same. Easy to see my grandparents' faces in yours. Thank you so much for sharing!


Breathtaking... :)

Donna Heart

Strange... I'm sitting here thousands of miles away, crying and laughing over the footage taken of complete strangers! But I can see how beautiful and precious this is, and how wonderful it would be to see my nana and pop again - I miss them so. Oh and the perfect song too - thanks swirly...


me too am all plinky plink eyed. its beautiful. We have one reel of my parents wedding and there is something just so astonishing about seeing them all young and moving and in colour. I worked as a film archivist and I just LOVE old film. This is really beautiful stuff. You are lucky indeed.

doorways traveler

oh honey, this was just brilliant. so evocative and beautiful. the music is perfect.
thanks for sharing the love.


You are more than lucky.
I'm weepy seeing this.
This conjures up the 40's for me with the images of my own grandparents; love that era so much, the innocence, the optimism, the strength.

Thanks. xo


I have similar video of my Grandparents, their friends and my dad when he was growing up..wow, I can't watch them with out getting all gushy.

LOVE the song you chose!

Ginger Hendler

That was so beautiful...poignant. How lucky you are to be able to have something so precious.

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