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July 31, 2010



Yes, captivating if not a bit nauseating. I watched this without sound maybe that's why my head is spinning so badly and I have a stomach ache. There's a lot of movement :^) Seeing images like these, even if the people in them are strangers, always make me feel naustalgic and sort of melancholy even if I wasn't alive at the time. They're evocative and as Karen said, a captivatingly beautiful illusion. It always seems like a "better", more innocent time, doesn't it? I could cry, too...

Karen Maezen Miller

Me too. When we view life on a degradable format like film, we can see it with penetrating insight. It is all, always, an illusion. A captivatingly beautiful illusion.


I find this completely captivating, too! :) It's amazing that you have these videos, and I love what you're doing with them.




beautiful! now i want to watch my grandparents videos

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