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August 13, 2010



Thank you! I love this post and want to thank you for the honesty, thoughtfulness and heart you bring to this space. Love you!

doorways traveler



OH blog. Little tiny powerful blog. Love you. SO MUCH.
Blogging is beyond some people, it comes off as single-sided, self-centred and quite frankly non-interactive to some, but not me.
Quite the opposite to me.
I meet.
I fall deeply in like and sometimes love with the voices out there that have opinions, photos, and slices of wonderfulness to share.
I can only hope that my little slice counts too.
Keep it all up girl because this is an incredibly powerful way to connect with people.
I have no doubt that through your words you may have saved a life or two. You matter. SO.


I love this post. It's so giving of you.

I so enjoy reading your blog. I don't comment on every post, but I do read every post. Your recent series on blogging really made me think, and I liked watching you think out loud on the page as you wrestled with your thoughts on the subject. And of course, I always love hearing how life in your studio is going.

Thank you for continuing to share yourself with us! I love getting to know you. (And I hope someday we can meet in person! I am just sure it would be fabulous. Maybe over Indian food?)


and you, my friend, are a spectacular blessing back!

Pippin Schupbach

i loved your photo in la vie claire. my friend mailed me a copy because she knows i am attending squam next month, and will be in your class. you have inspired me for over ten years.


yes ... you inspire me always with your wonderful ability to just be who are you are and question the life you live ... much love beauty, xo


You give me hope that after some more years, I, too, will be able to move on from the "teeter-totter love/hate angsty relationship with blogging and social media"! Hee hee. I was so happy to read that line. :-)


you have totally done the same for me.


I love the snippets of your life--whether it's in your studio, your writing, your book, or your yoga pants.


You inspire me every single day my friend. Thank you for being sharing your journey...and letting me be part of it. xoxo


When i think of being true to myself, and i need courage, i think of you.

you matter. you help. you encourage. you are here. your truths, your truthtelling, make me brave. me being brave makes my life better, no it makes it amazing...(when i get past all the stuff)and i am actually being brave.

so i want to thank YOU. i feel blessed to have 'met' you online, living so faarrrr apart...knowing in my heart that braveness live inside, right here, in my heart xx

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