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August 09, 2010



What a beautiful message. Thank you!


I can just see you and Pixie cooking it all up! .....and Oh the beeswax...you know how I love the beeswax!


Christine, you are on to something...Let's start the Badass Girl Revolution! Thanks for the always-happening inspiration and revisioning.

amy rehnae

hi, i'm amy...unlurking here...:~)

i just want to let you know that ever since i found you...a few months ago i guess...i have been absolutely bowled over by your words. and by that i mean, not only are you down to earth and eloquent all at the same time, but it seems like each and every thing that you talk about i relate to on a very personal level. as in above...i too have been sitting still, waiting while working on me, (which is so not even like waiting at all) not hunting, searching, begging, etc. for something in my life to open up...and i'll be darn if it hasn't!

but anyway...love love love your work...have your little cards all over my house for inspiration...and am so excited each time i come here to see what goodies, exciting news, etc you have in store today!

in short...thank you. thank you for showing me (us) our dreams are so possible!
big hugs to you!


What a wonderful post! I have to admit, my number one wish is to find someone else to create with, someone who can come to my studio every so often and we can work together, side by side, making art or just experimenting. She can use her supplies or use mine, whatever is easiest and whatever feels right. Someone I can chat with or just sit in silence with. I miss natural friendships like that so very much. Maybe someday I'll meet someone locally who shares my interests and who I can spend time with without it feeling like such a huge drain on my energy levels... this post gave me hope that maybe it's possible :)


Oh I just love the visual of you two sanding and hammering and creating! Keep doing what you're doing...its all happening just as it is supposed to. xoxo (oh and give that little pixie a hug will ya)!

Rebecca in Switzerland

YAY! I love this image of the two of you as Grown-Up Artist Badasses in your studio PLAYING... to the Kinks, no less. Life is GOOD, it sounds like, for you right now. So glad to hear it... and cannot wait to see what you create!

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