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August 16, 2010



I'm guessing Tilda will teach you more than you ever teach her. And, she will keep you in the moment. What a gift!


lovely and amazing. total tortilla chip paws, my kids do!


OOOh, that was our Lilah Delilah a year ago. :> I had forgotten how tiny! Congratulations!!!!

stacy kathryn

Awww, I love the name, and those eyes! Welcome to the wonderful world of labs too they truly know how to live in the moment, break the rules, and their love is limitless. :)


And they call it, puppy looove. Does she still have that new puppy smell? She's stolen my heart.


So flippin' cute. Congrats, Tilda and new family! :)


I had a dream last night about my dog, making me feel the sadness again that I felt when I had to give my dog away after my parents divorced. This post made me very happy, as I hope to own a dog one day. Hope she brings you a lot of joy and I hope you keep sharing when she grows up.


spiritual being she is.

lucky you!
prepare to lose yourself in her.

she is going to rule.



Oh, she is just SO CUTE!

Are you going to share the story of how you found Tilda? I hope so. I wold totally eat that up.

Her eyes are beautiful. And her paws are cuddle-icious. And that face ... oh, that face. I want to kiss it! :)

So happy for you. I liked hearing how carefully you two made this decision so you could give Tilda exactly what she needs. I like thinking of her as part of your family now.



she is The Most Adorable, spoilable looking girl!!

The Equestrian Vagabond

cutest puppy ever, you think?


Yeah, why do puppy paws smell like corn chips? What a cute puppy, here's to a long happy journey with her. Congrats!


OMG!! what a beautiful face Miss Tilda has :) Congrats! you have changed her life forever... though im sure her impact will be alot greater on yours...

Kristen Fischer

Welcome Tilda--you are a very lucky pup.

Tara Bradford

What a face! Who could resist such a precious creature!! xo


Tilda, is absolutely beautiful and she looks so content and happy! Good for you guys!


Oh my goodness! Oh my Tilda! She's soooo beautiful. It warms my heart just looking at these photos, and also knowing how much love you and L. are getting from her. Oh!


yay! we can trade puppy training stories in september...she's GORGEOUS!


oh. my. god.

SQUEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! She is even more beautiful than I imagined her to be and YOU<-- are so on it. You are doing everything right and have the best approach and best support-- I am THRILLED for the whole family. Thrilled.


oh baby!


She is adorable!!!


oh my lord.....
that face....she will eat your heart right up....or maybe she already has :)


that FACE!! so sweet :)

Remember this: she has NO expectations of you, she will not be disappointed in you (in what you can and cannot do as far as paying attention to her 100% of the time), she just wants your unconditional love. She may *hope* for attention, but she won't hold a grudge if you can't give it to her that moment. You are her first and only human mom, so anything you do will make her happy :)

doorways traveler

oh babe, that first photo? seriously?

same with human babies: nap when the baby naps.



I cannot stand the cuteness! Happiness is indeed a warm puppy! How old is she? I have a 14-year-old (chocolate) Lab-Pitbull cross and who came to me at 7 years old. She is a very beautiful looking dog and I often wonder just how adorable she must have been as a wee pup. Now I know!
You'll do fine, though I'm sure it's overwhelming (I've never had a puppy myself). I think you have a great attitude though--trying to raise a happy dog, first and foremost. My girl (dog) was abused and I am likely considered to be quite indulgent with her (she sleeps with me etc.), but I figure she went through such hell before (broken bones etc.) it is my job to make sure she is the happiest she can be for the rest of her life. And now that she is 14 (15 next month) and going deaf, I will probably indulge her even more. But I see nothing wrong with that. I am grateful for every second I get to spend with her and you will be, too, with Tilda. I am not a real mother (to humans), so I can only guess, but I would think the bond is like that with children--they don't have to do a thing to 'earn' your love; you just instantly love them with a fierceness that causes you to do anything for them. That's a pretty powerful emotion, and in my book at least, more than worth all the accidents and poop 'n scooping and vet visits and sleep disturbances in the world.
Congratulations on your adorable warm, squirming bundle of joy!

jen gray

does tilda's breath smell like bologna and her paws like salsa chips?

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