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December 21, 2005



What a powerful word: imagine. And if you forget to exercise it, somehow hope slips right away with it. Wonderful words and wonderful collage!


gorgeous, gorgeous collage. i love this!

la vie en rose

beautiful swirly girl! again thank you for sharing your life. every time you share it touches my heart and inspires me and that makes a huge difference.


I like it! :o)


I love the layers of this piece. You art work is wonderful you should post more of it here on your blog.


thank you for your grandmother stories. i really understand, as my grandmother is still with me everyday. i lve in her house, use her dishes and touch her doorknobs. i love her dearly, she was my champion, too. there is no other relationship like it, is there?! it was our miraculous good fortune to have such women in our lives!


I like it so very much.


Great collage. And I absolutely love the last line of your post.


I don't think I have ever seen Rushmore, I am not nearly as film-literate as you are. But this has inspired me to watch it.

Isn't it amazing when you look back at your life at what's almost the half way point and to realise just how much of your dreams you have achieved, and even more so, what difference you have made in the world around you?

And you can change your grandmother's note again and say: "I AM MAKING a difference", because you are, even to non-artists like myself. I have found a lot of inspiration since I started reading your weblog earlier this year and continue to enjoy your musings and our cyber friendship :)

Christine Lim-Simpson

Your collage is simply beautiful, so are your words. I can feel already how wonderful your grandma is. I haven't had any relative who has even given me such encouragement and support. You are lucky to know someone so special.

When I as in my teens, I dreamt too venturing to Europe. I managed to visit London and Paris a bit later. But didn't get to live there. However blessing in disguise, something else marvalous happened eventually.

So wonderful to be inspired by another artist. I think you have the flare for things creative and artistic. Keep imagining and creating. Let the positive spirit of your grandma be your guardian angel and inspires you. :)

liz elayne

First, love the collage...the colors, the sentiment.
Second, it is so good that you know how proud your grandmother was of you. Clearly, she "got you" in a way that was beautiful. I love the image of her flying, soaring, feeling peaceful.


This is a great collage and tribute to such a great film! Well done.


first, i've been catching up on your blog, so condolences regarding your wonderful grandmother. second, i love your blog, love your work. and third, if i'm not being to forward, i'd just like to add to the discussion on grief. my stepdad died last year. he had been my stepdad for 40ish years (i'm 42!), so even though i had a "real" dad, this dad was very special to me and his death left me very shaken. it didn't matter that i knew it was going to happen and that i was able to fly across half the country with a breastfeeding baby in time to see him for a few hours before he died. it was (and still is) painful.

i decided to go to a grief workshop a few months later. while the grief remains with me (although lessened), i had a bit of a revelation. it seems everytime someone in my life has died, i keep trying to get back to life as it was before the person passed. i wish i could explain this better -- i knew i had to feel the grief, but i basically wanted to be the person i was before the death. in the workshop i realized that every loss changes me and i can never go back to being the same person. seems like this is sort of a "duh" moment, but that was a milestone for me.

you know that you will get through this loss. my advice is to not hold on too tightly to who you used to be. this change will change who you are. and you'll be okay. i wish you all the best.


Urban Convert

Excellent. I love this style of collage.

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