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December 19, 2005



so honest and beautiful


Hi Christine,

This is so beautifully written. Grief takes time and in some ways, it will never completely go away again. It becomes part of you, another layer of the person you are still growing to be. There are days when it is a deep and intense notion, while on others it's like a tender white feathered bird that accompanies you from a distance wherever you go.

By the way, I have always loved your grandmother's name, Ernestine. It is so wonderfully old fashioned and serene. Beautiful.

Take good care, Kerstin


Yay, daisies!!

Your grandmother will always be with you.

liz elayne

Welcome to grief - I love this phrase. I have a dear friend who has been this same way with me. We laugh in the midst of it all and sometimes literally say when dealing with life's drama, "it could be worse" becuse we both know this grief and know it could. I feel like I am now part of a club - I don't know what I would call it - something to do with "people who feel a lot in life already and now realize how much more they feel after losing someone they love dearly." Seems like a pretty long name, but I do feel part of this collective of people. May you continue to let go of judgement as you let the waves of grief carry you.

la vie en rose

you tell the truth so beautifully!

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