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February 15, 2006



i've been away, and away from internet access, so i'm catching up on your posts. i'm sorry you are going through a difficult time. i have no idea what is troubling you, but i can tell you that after reading a few posts, *I* am sad about you selling the solvang house! it sounds like such a wonderful place. and i know this makes me sound like a stalker, which i am not! but i do love reading your blog and seeing how you work through things. glad to see that you found some happiness by getting your hands (and clogs) dirty.


i like to hold a lemon in my hand while i sleep when i'm sick-it comforts me...*giggle*

la vie en rose

i'm a big beliver in the old adage when life gives you lemons, accept the lemons. okay, so that isn't the old adage...i just made that up but my point is that sometimes what is, just is. maybe eventually it will be time to make lemonaid but sometimes we just need to hold the lemons before we move on to transforming them into something else.

and your girl is brilliant. i love and adore her too!


mmm-when i first pulled this page up and saw "girl", she who encompasses so much more than her name would indicate, i heard myself make a low whisper, "ohhhhhh, YES."

and your words are so good for me today. as i also move through the constant cycle of grief and happiness, just as a way of being, as the cycle of life would have me do, i know that creating and inspiring myself and others GROUNDS me and fortifies me. it is the last phase sometimes before i move into a new place within myself. we are always morphing into "more" of who we are. which was such a crazy concept to me recently. how can i be MORE of who i am? and why would i want to? why isn't how much i am now enough? becoming is a constant.

it is so beautiful to see your roses bloom and fade, bloom and fade. it can be no other way....
i love you so!!!


AMEN!! And I just LOVE your girl too!


I think creating artwork is a good way to deal with pain. Sounds like your little girl is helping you with yours... that is really a blessing!

And I love that quote... something I need to keep in mind always. :)


Laini Taylor

Hi Christine! That need/want question is a tough one -- such a fine line sometimes, but having gotten used to living as a "starving artist" for quite a few years - and seeing Alexandra living with only the bare necessities in Bulgaria -- it's good to have a "context check" and see how little of those things we want we really NEED -- I know you're not just talking about material things, but it still works, and I wish you as much clarity as possible in making your distinctions!
All the best!!

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