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April 24, 2006



It really IS a relief when you start just to see the way things ARE, and stop taking them so personally, as though they are out to hurt YOU.

I am still working on that, but I recognize that freedom lives there.

Thank you.


"Wild, exuberant, passionate acceptance" - I never knew that acceptance was so alive!

I love the metaphor of the cabinets and immediately think of the old and battered one hanging on the wall in my bathroom, on top of which one of my cats loves to sleep. Perhaps that is what my particular cabinet needed ... a content purring cat gently wrapping itself around my worn soul.


"Suddenly, it is all up to me"---you said it sister.
i love witnessing you embracing the power that was always yours. the ruby slippers!! xoxoxoxo

la vie en rose

as i read this post i felt my resistance to this idea building and i know that it's because there are some things happening in my life right now that i'm just not ready to accept. perhaps i'll get there eventually but i'm not quite there yet...and i hate not being there yet...


you spoke to my heart today in this post - thank you.


This post is fantastic. Thank you for sharing.


Acceptance--feels wonderful, doesn't it? The hugest weight lifted off one's shoulders...


i'm printing this out and carrying it with me everywhere i go. thank you.


Very, very profound thoughts. I don't think I have ever thought of acceptance as an active endeavor; it always seemed much more passive, sort of capitulation to reality that could not be changed. I love this line: "Not on resignation, stocism or passivity, but on wild, exuberant, passionate acceptance." I will be chewing on these things all day. Thank you.


I suppose this also means that we can forgive ourselves when our cabinet is missing what may be asked of us by others. Ahhh ... welcome freedom from guilt. Thankfully, our cabinet contents are always changing and updating as we travel our path.

liz elayne

this is beautiful and full of an amazing aha moment swirly. this idea of true acceptance leading to freedom. i have goosebumps just thinking about it. This. is. so. powerful.

Through the moment of clarity she found that only through acceptance would she really know her truth, and it was then that she was finally free...

(maybe that is your girl's name...freedom)


bahaha, i must be stalking denise around. that's funny :)


fascinating :)

thanks for ur closet opening.


thank you for this. i want to print it out and put it on my inspiration board.


so well said here.

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