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December 05, 2006



What a treasure of a friend you are to fly across the country to help a friend with a move! Not surprising from what I know of you but still, a reminder how precious friendship is and how blessed those of us are who have friends like you who go the extra mile, or in this case, the extra thousands of miles!


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I really don't think I would have gotten anything done if you weren't here. It was so great to have you share in our first few nights in our new home. Even though you left, Allie is still looking for you in your room and we officially call your room "Christine's Room". I can't wait for you to come back for a visit where we can really just enjoy the view..and the company!! Love you bunches....M

liz elayne

the truth of what you have said here is inviting tears in my sleepy eyes and heart. in a good way. because you get the beauty of it all. (thank you)


my best friend and i are true opposites. our views of politics, family, and careers
are very different. yet put us in a room together and you would never know that. she
was given to me so that i would laugh at myself more....small blessings

la vie en rose

yes, yes, yes! i know when i was going through my divorce it was the little things, like inviting me to dinner or a movie, that really helped. it was wonderful having friends to cry to but it was just as important to have those little things too.

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