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December 29, 2006



De-lurking to say I love both your art and your writing, which is always inspiring - I can't imagine why anyone would feel the need to leave an unkind comment. Thank you for all the inspiration and good vibes you send out into the blogosphere. Wishing you a happy new year, with kinder, gentler comments.

la vie en rose

happy new year swirly! i've gotten my share of nasties in the past. it never feels good but you have the right attitude. blessings to you in 2007.


Happy New Year to you Christine! Reading your post I couldn't help but think about how when I am at my most critical of others I am usually feeling the most small and negative towards myself, and struggling with letting myself be as is, let alone another. Your attitude is just wonderful, enlightening, inspiring, and remarkable. Looking forward to continued wisdom shared here in the new year!


The negative comments always jar me, at first, until I remember that what other people write says something about them in the same way that what I write says something about me and, well, those two things aren't always related. I just try to say a quiet little blessing and move on.


I think I would feel the same way about negative comments after all this time. To be honest, yours is such a beautiful and thoughtful blog, I am surprised how anyone could take offense at anything you say. But like you say, this is about people's own issues rather than yours. And kudos to you for acknowledging the mean spirited remarks and trying to find a lesson in them nonetheless. I would just treat them like a sudden itch and scratch them away.

You were my first blog discovery and you remain right at the top for me; yours has been a fascinating and touching journey to witness.

Wishing you and Larry the very best for a successful and healthy 2007!

liz elayne

the negative comments are always interesting. i always wonder why the person feels a need to leave them. yet, your point of view of knowing you aren't living a vanilla life, this is such an interesting way to look at it. love that. vanilla can be comfortable but really, it can also be boring...

thank you for these lessons about profound acceptance. this is sometimes very hard for me...thank you for this gentle push.


well i think you rock!

and i try....[try] to use unpleasant remarks as a catalyst to make me strive
for more. and then sometimes they just write nasty unacceptable #@$##@%# crap.

happy new year chickie - how i yearn to sit under a palm tree!

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