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December 13, 2006


Holly Olalde

Thank you for using your gift of writing to bless me. Thank you for taking me to New York if only in my dreams. The butterfly writing has had a tremendous impact on my life at this moment as I will soon be going through a divorce of 19 years of emptiness in hopes of finding what you have.


i just got back from nyc two days ago and i still have it in my skin ...
i agree nyc is the city where you feel energized and at peace with yourself at the same time ... i cannot imagine my life without ny at least twice a year :)


i am moving there next month and this made me so excited. NYC is magical

jen lemen

i was taking my picture of the tree one week earlier on a much needed adventure. new york is a dear friend to me, too.


I've been checking in wondering where is the one and only Swirly?!??? You are so, so right about the connection one feels with a cityscape being a relationship, and I love how different cities and towns summon different aspects of ourselves to the floor. I've only been to NYC once but it was wonderful, even when I jokingly dared my then 10 year old cousin to spin her fondue stick in the air over her head, and then she actually DID do it-and then I got in big trouble from the higher-ups! Welcome home!


so...when are we going??




what a glorious picture...both through your lens and through your words....

la vie en rose

girlfriend, you've made me want to pack my bags...

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