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December 17, 2006



Christine you are a bright light for this world.
Keep flying high and showing us how to soar!

Happy Holidays!



Merry Christmas to you...

Greetings from India!

Angela Giles Klocke

Wishing you a beautiful holiday!


Merry Christmas :)



Good moments are good moments any way they come and any way you have them. .

David L

Your voice was great to hear today...(such a simple thing, yet so profound to my day)

I have noticed the more I work with my creative callings the
more aware of the "now" and love moments I am rewarded with.. You have always inspired me (us all) by your "work" ethic toward

I just read an insightful book for anyone feeling resistance or roadblocks to their natural creative talents....

The War of ART by Steven Pressfield

(not to be confused with the Art of War by Sun Tzu)

your journal entry also inspired me to share these two quotes I enjoy....

"The aspects of things that are most important to us are hidden, because of their simplicity and their familiarity.

-Ludwig Wittgenstein

Also, my favorite quote for any endeavor..
(it's actually framed on my wall)

"The shortest answer is doing" - english proverb

Love Dave L.


The fact that you recognize this moment, that you are aware of it and can embrace it, just for what it is, says a lot about how far you've come within yourself. I discern a wonderful sense of contentment, but also an acknowledgement of the tough times and the hard work that you have endured, and which got exactly to where you are now. Where you are meant to be.

I also draw comfort from this post because I recognize this moment, for I have felt it, too, with my husband. And it is those moments that make the difficulty of being where I am worthwile.

Have a magical Christmas, Christine :)


la vie en rose

yes! oh i love this. i think i was raised to believe that you had to work hard to deserve the good things in life...that i didn't deserve them just for the plain simple fact that i was me. and with so much happening in the world that is negative--homelessness, war, crime, violence, etc.--there is guilt attached to feeling happy and content and i think i sometimes even will the goodness away because i'm hesitant to embrace and accept it. why me? why do i deserve this? and so i push it further away instead of honoring it.


I love this post!


OH MY GOD, how beautiful! You are so amazing... so in the moment. I'm happy you have that!

Well written, miss!


This is so beautiful. I thank you for writing it.


this is so beautiful!


oh girlie....how true how true. i have those moments with b. and i cherish each one. because it is then that i know i am walking the right path. that after 10 years of knowing him, i still swoon. it
was funny when we were talking in the car
about living a calmer, simpler life. i was
so glad to here you say that. that is what
i strive for [although some days i feel i
am failing miserably] but to get there is
the goal and you are on your way.

once again thank you so much for wednesday.
it was the highlight of my trip. a formal big thanks will be on its way, it has been utter chaos since we returned. you have a beautiful spirit and i have been blessed by
that. merry christmas girlie!

liz elayne

the evening was its own tiny universe.

this is such a beautiful statement swirly. in my sleepiness right now, i am drawn to write this: that was a moment when it all came together and you got what you were supposed to know in that moment. you touched at the bottom of the skirt of contentment. something we are all striving to feel but sometimes think we have to feel it in some certain way. to know what happiness really feels like is a true blessing. thank you for sharing this experience...

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