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January 04, 2007



i am the exact same way. i want holidays done cuz i love to work!!

sounds like you have a lot happening. i have your note here at my desk. i read it almost everyday. it inspires me. if you ever need help with stuff, let me know:)


Sounds like a year of manifestation! Clearly you're a woman that makes things happen. Best of luck with your show and your book proposal.

Sarah e. Smith

Best of luck with your new show...how terribly exciting! I hope this new year bring you continued happiness and success...from the sounds of it you are well on your way! Cheers!


i wish i could be there to see your show. i like the portraits showing the group's variety of style our new ideas are all perfect for you. how do you just keep inspiring me everytime i visit? so proud of you. your last sentence is my dream, the ultimate mission--maybe a book title, too! happy creating christine

la vie en rose

happy creating...and dreaming...in 2007. i'll be here cheering you on...and drooling over your work...

liz elayne

happy new year swirly!

i cannot wait to see what 2007 brings you...so many ideas percolating...
(and i can't wait to see your new creations!)


(OK, I've got to know. Where to you find all your quotes? Are they from books you read and you remember them or somewhere else? They're always perfect. . .)

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