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August 28, 2007



you write as i think. i love that you can put it all in perspective. i finally got to see the royal tennenbaums, of course, the darkness of the movie is what i dug most. i can hardly discuss michael vick, because i look into these big soft brown eyes of delilahblue everday....i just don't get it.

i love the painting above, the soft colors simply make me melt.

you rock girlie


I too was really saddened and shocked by the reports about Owen Wilson. it makes me wish i could reach out and offer a hand of friendship and hope that someone in his life will do that for him. the cult of celebrity means we put these people on pedestals and elevate them to god-like status, and what normal human being can really survive that? there's been so many programmes on TV over here recently about princess Diana, and how the press hounded her, and i'm not a big fan of the monarchy, but you can't help wonder at how so much intrusion can screw up someone who was so very emotionally vulnerable..

and yes, Frida is doing such incredible work over in Afghanistan, and i'm thrilled that she's going to be staying with me this weekend! :-)

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