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August 27, 2007



I never knew that you felt a bit anxious about flying. Somehow that comforts me, and confirms to me that I should never let my own anxiety about flying get in the way of my traveling.

Good luck with sorting out the allergies, hopefully you will get to the bottom of these so that you can start addressing them and moving on.

And I admire your guts and stamina to do the walk. I once did the Flora walk in London which is nothing compared to this one. I am so unfit these days, I wouldn't last more than an hour, which is very sad. But at least I can help with a donation :)


I'm allergy ridden - which always seemed unfair because my older and younger sister escaped. I'm allergic to grass and to cows - and I grew up on a dairy farm. It takes soooo much out of me when my allergies flare up so I send lots of empathy and hopes that this process will really help identify the triggers and help with a solution.

I love the idea of the 3-day walk. Good for you! I'm going to have to start builing up my walks as well so that when I see you in October we can walk and talk til we run out of breath - I love walking and talking.


kelly rae roberts

oh christine, i'm so glad you are FINALLY getting some answers to the mysteries...how did the shellfish test come out?


Hey Christine - Please email me with donation info!
And I understand the allergy stuff -- my daughter has been suffering with a strange variety for years. Ugh.
Sending you wishes for a quick resolution. :-)

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