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September 05, 2007



what a beautifully spoken post...you are a remarkable soul with a gigantic spirit that shine for all who are fortunate enough to have encountered your world...even for a few moments each week...fly on and enjoy the ones you hold dear...blessings, rebecca


Christine, you are pure magic. I know I say this everytime, I guess I suck at coming up with new words-- but seriously, you are pure magic.


{everyone has inside him a piece of good
news. the good news is that you don't yet
realize how great you can be! how much you
can love! what you can accomplish! and
what your potential is! ~ anne frank }

the last two years, you have brought so
much to my life and been part of my
success. you will finish the walk, that
passion, love and kindess is in you - this
i know. you are a good girl and i am so
very happy that you are part of my days.

have fun in raleigh....k

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