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November 27, 2007



How I wish I lived closer!


Oh, entries like this and the one after and I realize that we are woven from the same cloth.

In addition to my love for organizing (I recently have enjoyed an afternoon of sliding paper into sheet protectors and binders), I too collected packets of paper and ephemera to give to my collage workshop participants this spring! I felt a little bit grade school doing it, but they all seemed to love it.

Your light already shines so brightly! I can't wait to see the brightness and color you bring to the world. xoxo


how delicious! i wish i were closer!


I am still smiling at the vision of you in all your organizing glory! Wish I could join your creative workshop...maybe I'll just have to tackle that on my own. Hmmm...know you've got me thinking :) xoxo


Oh you are such an inspiration and how I would love to be in one of your classes:)

boho girl


i feel so giddy inside for you. i love how this all unraveled for you today.

mmmm...feeling inspired.
love you.


too cool! i love people's tales of their ideas unfolding, unwrapping, unraveling and forming, becoming... wonderful ideas about creativity workshops... any plans/dreams to bring the show to SF?


you inspire me...I saw a program tonight of a man Kip who was a olympic medal holder who went back to Kenya to inspire the people and children there to make use of the opportunities they get...and the program ended with "if you want to INSPIRE, do something that people will remember"...that is what you are doing...things that we remember...thank you for sitting down and just doing it! :0)

Big hug!


YAY!!!! this sounds fantastic - i can picture you sat on your canvas sheet on the floor, playing with paper and dreams and magic.... you inspire me so much baby (and ps. fancy doing a paper swap with me?) love you xox


i wish so much that i was in the area to be inspired by you and take one of your workshops. i love that the playing and letting yourself go in whatever direction you felt next led you to this. sooner rather than later.
so happy for you and your new projects.


And you do inspire - me and many others. I love this post so much and found myself getting all excited about those workshops as though I was going to be able to just pop down the road and join in! Well - you inspire me from whatever distance and I think it is a noble and courageous path to choose to share and mulitply the creative goodness.

liz elayne

bravo to action christine! i love this and can't wait to see how this adventure unfolds for you...

happy tuesday to you my dear.


I was listening to my pastor talk last night, and he mentioned that the simpler and more focused a directive is, the more it frees you up for creativity and diversity. On the flip side, the more defined and structured a directive is, the more confining it is.

I thought of this in relation to what you shared about wanting to INSPIRE, that this is really the mantra of your life. Just look at all the new ways you can do that now, simply because you've narrowed your focus to one word and in the same breath broadened the possibilities to ENDLESS.

Blessings on you in this journey! And I loved hearing all about your paper story and its trail to the creativity workshops you decided to just make GO.

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