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December 20, 2007


sunny schlenger

Just wanted to wish you a happy, healthy and fulfilling new year.
It's such a pleasure to know you! :-)


wishing you a very happy holiday....

with love
mccabe x


i'm wearing sunglasses right now, cos your future is so bright, it's dazzling me.... one of the biggest blessings of this year was finding you, my darling friend, and for that i am so grateful xox


I also felt Christmas tap me in the shoulder today saying "I'm here, can't you feel it in the air?" And all the sudden all these emotions, dreams and longings came swirling in the air, with the smell of pine, cinnamon, cider, ginger... As Frida said... Let's hold on to this moment of such warmth and potential! Happy Holidays to you, Swirly!! I came here via Frida and because she speaks so dearly of you, I'm sure I will be reading a lot more about you and your journey. xo


you have the best way of phrasing emotions...i am feeling a mix also...and the excitement of new adventures ahead...season's blessings, rebecca


Hmmm, I'm consciously choosing to sit here, not looking forward and not dwelling in the past. It's an odd feeling and makes me realise how much of my time is spent in one or the other.

I'm excited about the future, yours and mine, but for today I wish you the joy of this day, every rollercoaster minute of it.


Justin Davanzo

I'll miss being with you guys!!!
got the sweeeet box of presents..thanks so much..they are under our tree...i think all of this is what i was trying to write about on my blog today, but wasn't as successful..I think you said it just right...
love ya!!!

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