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December 08, 2007



Thank you for the kind words! Love the creation and look forward to many more! Thanks for being my creative fairy.

Justin Davanzo

the net is bigger than you can imagine and it will never let you fall...i am so excited about your show!!! I know it will be amazing...Go Swirly, it's your birthday, go Swirly!


hey that's the hummingbird i held in my hands....love it!!! Can't wait to see the rest! xoxo

boho girl

yummy painting...yummy you.


love the energy and inspiration you're putting out in the world, darlin!

liz elayne

i love this piece swirly! it is simply perfect.

you are up to some pretty incredible things in your corner of the world...


best of luck with all your new ventures...i am a jump without a net type...most times i soar...i am sure you will....hugs, rebecca


Swirly.. this picture is me. I want to buy it. I am leaving for Fiji on Sunday, and I am not sure how I would pay for it before I leave. Will take my word for it and I will buy it when I get back? Can you save it for me?


Swirly! The sneak preview of your "Girl Series" is so beautiful! I adore it!

I would also like to let you know how very grateful I am to you. It all started a few years back while I was preparing to leave LA for a brief stint back to Connecticut. We spent an "Artists" evening together creating art shrines! I kept that shrine on my dashboard the whole ride! I read your journal all the time, and your words truly uplift me and inspire me everyday.

You stirred the "artist" up in me and I am very thankful to you for being such a huge inspiration. You have this ability to leave your stamp of love on each and every person that you come into contact with and EVERYONE wins!! Keep on keepin!
I hope that you have a wonderful Holiday!

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