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December 12, 2007


kelly rae

oh man, christine, i feel this, too. especially lately. it feels my life has escaped without ME.


this is just the sort of thing that i'm focusing on in the new year. the balance thing is wickedly difficult to find for me as well. with all that wild and crazy traveling and transitioning, it's no wonder that you've had trouble finding your feet. i'm sure a coach will help you focus, but also remember to continue to be gentle and load up on the self-care. i find that taking care of myself first tends to help me stay balanced. xox

Justin Davanzo

here is the thing...as creative people, we can never settle for that "one" thing that will make us seemingly content..we are constantly having to redirect focus for the things in life that are necessary and the things in life that we want to do and want to be...having obviously just gone through some of what you are going through, I think one way is to give yourself space to be ok with all the conflict and the idea that somedays are just going to be full of shit and not fun, and then other days are going to be productive and inspiring beyond belief...in other words...staying open and relaxed...taking the small victories each day and being proud..sometimes a blog entry and doing the dishes is a victory, sometimes creating the perfect party (which by the way, you guys still have not surpassed the famous empty house party of 80 people..get on it!) and sometimes writing about all of the things that are there and challenging, as you have done, is enough to clear your mind and give you the next moment you have been waiting for. I think you are amazingly multi task oriented and like you said...maybe to a fault these days...but hey, you have a ton of creative power and huge love for so many things and people..you are Swirly and that's that..you could always both move to boulder and be ski bums with me!
love ya...and keep breathing...


Oh...P.S. your art is fabulous! If it makes you happy and time flys when you paint, then this a good indication you are on track!


I think you are very brave and as you say, many woman feel this way. I juggled those exact problems for 14 years. It is always such a challenge. I myself haven't figured it out yet either. As you know, I am on my own journey in the hopes that it helps me figure it out. If the sky opens up and the answers fall, I will certainly share them with you.

boho girl

i just wanted to come by to say i love you and miss you.

i heard a song today that reminded me of your girl series. how cool is that?

the brady bunch rocks.


Miss Mari

Get a good housekeeper! It's worth every penny! You are so talented my friend!!!


i find for me, when things get the thickest, the most hectic, the most flurried and blurry and my whole body is screaming "overwhelm", I stop everything and get outside and walk, even around the block... that's my go-to, sure to give me perspective cure. Good luck with all the new work, endeavors, and burning down the fear! [you could re-write the old Talking Head song as a motto]


Although I do believe it is a good thing to set high standards for ourselves, I think we get use to a level of ...whatever and then find anything less uncomfortable and put undue pressure on ourselves to maintain that level.
I am thinking specifically about the appearance of my home. I have lowered my organization/cleaning standard since being married with children. This took me a long time to be comfortable with and many many conversations with my sister who lives out of state and has similiar issues about the standard of her home now that she is a wife, mother of two very young ones, and a fulltime high powered executive.
Fortunately I have a husband who doesn't comment either way~ but I grew up with everything in its place. That just is not possible for me if I want to have any down time and/or creative time.
I think it is about creating a new normal. My new mormal is that there are sometimes Christmas Ornaments drying on the kitchen counter that the children made for their aunties and that there are several works in progress piled on my desk and that the chairs are sticky and stained because my children are messy and there is a BIG pile of my husband's papers that I just moved to a pretty basket because who knows when he will get to it.

I see the beauty in the mess most days.

Love the colors in your new work!


i love you... that's what i wanted to say to you this morning ... xoxoxoxo

sunny schlenger

Good for you! I'm glad you took this important step. It's always a balancing act, but by knowing yourself intimately, you'll have a better understanding of the opportunities,(and priorities) inherent in each moment.


Hi Swirly,

I'm a mom, a full time college student, an artist, a writer, a sometimes-yoga practitioner, a pet owner, a want-to-be health nut, a runner, a reader, a lover, a friend, a photographer, a blogger, an activist and a housekeeper who wants to learn to make her own candles and soaps and who already makes her own beauty products. Currently, I am also looking into starting my own business.

When you find out the secret to keeping balanced, please, please, please, let me know.




your so right about those pivotal moments and balance of our own identity and roles in life.yes i find that too.
i love your art.

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