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February 19, 2008



Sometimes I want to get a printer and print out all your beautiful posts back to back and make a book out of them. We all have so many roles and titles and responsibilities and dreams and individially and collectively, they do define us, and yet, can't begin to all at the same time.
" I am trying to operate from a place of integrity every step of the way."
That quote pretty much sums up why your blog is one of my favorites. I have to admit, I have gotten really burned out on both blog writing and reading, but there are a handful that I don't think I could ever tire of and this is one of them!

boho girl

you always inspire me to step outside of my comfort zone. you were there during that huge epiphany for me. a time and place with you that i will reflect on for the rest of my life. a story i will tell my grandkids while i'm rocking in my chair. "when swirly and i were sitting on the couch, she helped me navigate my way around my core values...and to embrace my true feelings about focus".

you inspire and you dare and i love it.
and i love you.


i have been daring for awhile, now if i could just let go of others opinion about this not bother me - i am good!


Searching and searching for a little light revealing who I am. I declared 2008 a year to to fall in love or re-fall in love. So far, I am re-falling in love with many things that have shaped who I am today. The light seems to have grown from a dot to a faint glow. You have given me a little more to think about...


Thank you for that reminder, lady. I needed it especially today when I was wondering which of the gazillion roads to skip down next! xo


Society puts so much pressure on us to be one thing or another. I think the term for all those things you are, I am and so many others are "Renaissance Woman/Women." I think for the first time in a very long time, we (artists) are experiencing something wonderful. Change is becoming this wonderful and mysterious thing to be embraced instead of being afraid of. Finally, we all, who are called artists (or behind our backs, "flaky, indecisive, etc.) are living in "our" time. It is a wonderful time for expression and living to the fullest! It's wonderful that we are finding each other and spreading the joy of change and self-expression!

Ms. Conley

I love that you have written this so elegantly. It helps to know that I am never alone with the same dilemmas and that by you sharing your thoughts and journey helps me to feel somewhat grounded and normal. x


Funny, but this is the way I've always seen you -- completely multi-dimensional. It comes through much more than you're aware of. :-)


I am so glad you wrote this today. You have touched on this subject before and every time you do, does it help me release a big sigh of relief. It is ok to be many things. It is ok to have more than one job-title. It is ok to have a multitude of roles in your own life, and that of others.

Especially when it comes to defining myself professionally do I always struggle with a need to push myself through one hole, so that I can tell people, THIS is my profession. Well, for me, it doesn't work that way. I have done so many things that I am always tempted to say "I went to the university of life" - that's my qualification.

Only yesterday did I drive my husband crazy by telling him about how I wish to consolidate all the various websites I have - another indication of my "split" personalities. And then I had to laugh at myself. I always do this when I feel overwhelmed in certain areas of my life; I have this need to order it all and bring it under one roof. Well, I guess my LIFE is that roof, covering all my roles and personas and professions already.

Thank you.


This post completely spoke to me. Thank you Christine for the inspiration!

Shari Beaubien

I love what you wrote here, Christine! How often are we caught trying to "be" something... a given title that we aspire to become worthy of? Why not celebrate all that we "are" in this very moment... even if that version is undefineable! Heck, ESPECIALLY if that version isn't able to be defined by one label! Thanks for sharing... Add me back to your address book, girlfriend! Hugs, Shari


this is something i need to be reminded of so thank you my friend. xoxo


"It is all the little things that create the larger story, the deeper meaning, the wider vision."

I love that!

It is so true. All the little thins in my life had added up to a fuller, happier me. And over time more little things are coming my way and I am becoming a more developed, stronger, complex person. Complex in the way that as you said, more than one "thing" defines me.


I dare. And a very big part of what enables me to dare is that I know that you are there along with me. x

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