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February 07, 2008



i know these moments...i do...i know them well...i even have them while watching deal or now deal...i can't help myself...people's joy causes me to tear up...


wow. now I have teary eyes. You just wrote exactly what I needed to hear.

Thank you.


What a beautiful, beautiful picture. . .


just looking at this photo makes me teary...you have a way of doing that to me :)
love you...xoxo

ms. conley

This is what makes us human and normal. Its moments like these that make us real and vulnerable to let go and open ourselves up for new wonders. Powerful and amazing, these decisive moment’s of truth! I love that you are open to your feelings and not hiding behind them. Cheers to being brave and open! Beautiful photo by the way. Magic!

jen gray

of course i see this picture of you and my eyes get misty ....
because you are the purdiest dear thang i ever did see...



This reminds me of our friend Jessica's photo project that I contributed to: http://www.paperheart.org/imtoosad/

Maybe you've seen it?

At any rate, I am thinking of you. Maybe we can have a girly crafty night (or day!) soon? xo


Your blog is so helpful! There are so many rough times in a woman's life, sometimes it's just washing the dishes! There are a couple of websites I visited to become centered again and this is one of them! Just when I feel like throwing in the towel, I read something here that makes me pick it back up again! Thanks for this blog!


that's a lovely photo. i think what i like most about is that it communicates an openness and a trust in your friend who is capturing the image.


i know these tears oh-so-very well and they do appear at unexpected times. i agree with frida, they do come from an honest place when something tugs at our souls and thank you for honoring that.

this photo is gorgeous!



Lately for me these kind of tears have been welling up as I play with my little boy. The sweetness, the gratitude, the awe...it takes my breath away and I am so, so thankful for him.

boho girl

you are so beautiful. your tears always talk to my tears and ask them to come out and spill freely.

thank you for that permission, freedom, acceptance and love.

i love you.


thank you so much for that piece...


i have seen those eyes, and those tears, and they are so very precious to me.... love you xo


Thank you for honouring our tears. They are so often maligned and misunderstood (as manipulation, as weakness, as drama). But here is the truth, they come from the honest place inside us and they are what makes us unique.

Love you. xx

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