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February 28, 2008



Such happiness in the air! You girls make me proud!!! Adventure and Girly fun in one of my favorite places on earth :) Cheering you from here xo

boho girl

this is the cutest photo of you...ever.
love you.



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love your blog....
have I asked you about where you live ?

I know you mention being spoiled from having lived in california and then there was a shot from the plane while traveling from milwaukee....so I was just curious.

I live in wisconsin and was thinking maybe that's where you are also ????


Ms. Conley

YEAH....fish and chips....yummy.....ohh.. so happy for you in this moment.....want to hear all about the mischief. dont spare any detail....fun......


oh....girlies and stellas - the best!


*giggle* you're sitting on my sofa right now... x

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