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March 04, 2008



I think that what happens is that, when you move across this big 'ole world of ours, your body figures out it moves like a merry-go-round and remembers to get a little dizzy.


It sure seemed like a quick trip to me. I loved following your adventures, but I also love to know your creative energy is on my continent. Welcome Home!


Happy to hear you had a wonderful trip and made it back safely to your planet.


i'm a little slow with some things but i think i really am starting to get the wisdom and truth in your matrix image. those connections, that coming together of the linear and non-linear, this amazing converging - it tells us for sure that we are in the right place, on the right track.





so nice to have you back on our planet...wink.


There is nothing more magical than great friendships...
it's heart to heart loving...with silliness inbetween.
I'm so happy that the two of you had a fabulous time! xx


i'm soooo happy for you and that your time with susannah was magical. i too remember vividly that part of eat, pray, love (one of my fave, fave, favorite books)...and thinking how nice it would be to know so clearly how you fit in to the grid...something i have never known. (yet?)

but lately i feel as if i've tapped into this collection of brilliant women in the blogosphere...all over the world. and i've wondered, could it be that this is the tribe i've been searching for? and it sounds like from your experience..that it just could be...



My planet is missing your sunny smile, your kind loving arms, and your ridiculously hot legs! i love you baby... the oysters are on me next time :-) xx


so glad you had a wonderful trip. what you have found....that balance and certainty...is what I seem to be looking for these day. any advice oh dear, wise, wonderful woman?!? xoxo

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