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March 17, 2008



I've followed our news and BBC news on these events, and it makes my heart weep! It's not a day that goes by that doesn't make me grapple with why one group of people want the total extinction of another! It is truly the dark side of humanity. I see and hear your thoughts.



I really enjoyed this post and it has led me to be more inquistive about the world around me.
I love the quote.


I think it's important to allow yourself to experience both sets of feelings. Someone once told me that the definition of maturity is "the ability to tolerate ambiguity." There's no "right" way to feel here, and it's good that you can see the whole picture.


hmmmmwow this is a lot to think about. Integrity is something I think so many of us (me especially) can neglect or forget about in terms of it's value and impact on the world around us.

Your awareness is very admirable.


as i type this...you slide music is playing. it seems appropriate background for your writing. i am so sad for all of you , but especially this unrest.

"This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness." -Dalai Lama

why is this so hard for humanity, why is this so hard for me. your words spoken, as you always do, with such kindness and truth and best of all you make me think with my arms wide open.


Like most things in life there is a balance to strike between personal desires and what is the right thing to do. I personally believe that travel is one of the most important tools we have at hand for understanding different people, cultures, and ways of life. Only if we have seen and experienced these ourselves can we ever truly begin to understand. And accept. And learn to be peaceful together. Yet the idea of a completely peaceful world is, sadly, an illusion. But this doesn't mean that on our most basic level, the "I am just one person" level we cannot try to be at least at peace within our own small worlds. And expand those small worlds bit by bit through our travels.

I completely understand your sentiments regarding this trip. And the decision whether to go or not under these circumstances may be taken out of your hand anyway. I think that if I were allowed to travel, and deemed it safe enough (that's a tough one in view of the current situation) to do so, then I would go ahead with the trip. Because ultimately Tibet needs to keep its doors to the world open so that it can continue to be heard, and seen. And perhaps visitors need to go there to show them that the world cares?


I don't know anything about this specific subject matter, but I will say this is a very selfless way of viewing the world. There should be more people like you who pay attention to the entire scope of their actions. I am confident you will make the best decision on your travels...Lisa

liz elayne

thanks for talking about this Christine. that last question is such an important one to think about as it seems easy to forget in our desire to travel and "see the world." being mindful and having a wider world view is necessary...

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