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March 06, 2008


Ms. Conley

I like something simple like, Wondering Muse, or Jennifer....ha... I also like Frida's name.

Stacy Kathryn

I've always had a fascination with mannequin's ever since I was young. I really hope you add wings to this one! It is going to be fun to see this project unfold.
Something about that last paragraph it is where I want to get to...steady. (Does that make sense? my words are not coming out right today)


ohhhh...beautiful! is this the first time you do something 3d? and yes, i think wings would be appropriate...just make sure they look like yours...xx


I like Frida's name...it goes with your ladies India obsession. Seeing this unfold will be fun...it makes me want to dip into some plaster of paris...like in grade school!


I am so excited to see her come to life! I might be way off base, but I have a feeling she might end up with a pair of wings...at first when I saw her I thought bodice, goddess, daughter


Ooooh - how fabulously exciting. I love her already and I think while she is in transition she could have a transitional name - a name signifiying change and transformation or creation.

Like Rachana (pron ra SHA na) a Hindu/Sanskrit name I like which means to create...

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