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April 21, 2008


KA Compson

You're so lovely to read... I am the EXACT same way with the snails. I live in SE England and constantly try to save them as there are LOADS of snails about.

I'm so happy to find a kindred snail lover!



Imagining you floating from one creative page to the next...have fun! xx


so beautiful to read that you and the universe are so in sync in this moment.


Justin Davanzo

you go Swirly!!! So excited for your book and all your work..Can't wait to see you in Wisconsin! and those snails are good with garlic by the way..


You go, Swirly Girl! I find that place hard to get to. Enjoy!

attaining creativity

My day has been a combination of being out of the zone and finally finding my way back into it, yet in reading your blog entry, I'm fully into it now - SMILING!

Enjoy the zone!

michelle/tangled wings

you go girl!


dang....do you have a map to the zone. i am lost! is it like following the yellow brick road?

happy monday.


I'm so happy for you! It is indeed a glorious morning! Times like you're talking about make me wish I was two years old again, outside dancing in my diaper! :) Hugs!


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