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April 08, 2008



Hey Luv,

I'm so excited for you! This is so wonderful, maybe you can set up a pre-order page so that all of us that want to support this swirly-licious idea can order! CONGRATS! Don't forget to call us on those hump days of book creating! Hugs, Love & Peace


congrats, Christine, for your big decision! I think that, for some books, self publishing makes a lot of sense. Especially since you haver tons of experience dealing with the production end of things (which is where a lot of self published authors get tripped up).

Quick comment/suggestion: I'm sure you've already considered this, but just in case, I'll mention it. Have you considered trying a proprietary publishing model for your book? That's where you produce/self publish the book, but arrange for it to be distributed via One Spirit/BoMC or B&N. This sort of amalgam is becoming more and more common in the publishing work, especially for inspiring gifty books (such as what your book looks to be). It combines the creative independence of self publishing with some financial security -- especially if you get a generous order from a book club or chain.

Also, fwiw, I wouldn't take one rejection to heart from a publisher. Publishing (and editors) are so capricious. These days, literary agents are where it's at -- they're invaluable for navigating the current industry environment. But I agree with you: the most important thing is to have fun. And getting some money for your creativity is nice too -- artists should prosper!


yayyyy!!! for trusting your instinct and going with your heart!

I love reading more personal stuff....because it works for me.
your book will ROCK! like you! into this world with such phenomena that you are going to feel like hiding...proud of you Swirly! xx

kurt kuden

Wow! Congrats!

I am so excited! do tell us more about your new baby!

Mayberry Magpie

Please share more about your journey as you take each step. In doing so, you might empower and educate others to self-publish.

This is very exciting. This little website, beautiful though it is, is not expansive enough for the vastness of your art. A book will provide another channel to set it free.

Mayberry Magpie


oh Christine-- I can tell you with great confidence that your book is extraordinary and beyond the scope of what "publishers" can quantify in their little boxes and charts. Be so glad you are doing this on your own as every single decision will reflect your heart's desire without compromise and the result will bring light and joy and inspiration to all who come in contact with it.

You are AMAZING!!!!


You are always a breath of fresh air. And inevitably, you have a needful message for me. Today is no exception. So, I'm off to do what is most fun for me.

Keep dancing. Keep lighting the world.



If your book is anything like your websites, then I am sure it will be amazing. It will be amazing anyway! I can't wait to learn more about it, and I will definitely buy a copy when it's ready. It is all a journey, so remember to stay present and enjoy it.


I really hope everything goes well with the book - I've often wondered how hard it would be to do the whole publishing, publicity and release on your own. I have my fingers crossed for you :)


I'm getting so excited to see what you are creating! So happy that you are doing it the way that YOU want to and not what some publisher is dictating...good for you! xoxo melissa


I'm very excited for you and this journey!
I so look forward to buying your book!


Oh, I have goosebumps for you! I can feel your excitement and anticipation in your words! Sending up a prayer for you today that you continue to trust the captain and trust the crew...and that doors fly open for you.

michelle/tangled wings


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