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April 15, 2008


Marisa and Creative Thursday

Of course....SO gorgeous ~ I can't wait for your book to come out!!!!!!

attaining creativity

I have always experienced that when I am utterly overjoyed with some new creation, I can't wait until the whole thing is done. I need to dance and show it to the world, smiling with joy. Not only do I have fun, but my joy becomes somewhat contagious, so it performs as double duty.
Thank you so much for sharing your creativity!


It's going to be wonderful! Already looking forward to your book. Thanks for this little 'preview' and thanks for sharing your thoughts.


oh, this is so exciting about your book, christine! i'm working on a book as well and it seems to come in fits and starts.

isn't boulder wonderful?!


The way I know you, you 'will have to share'!

Sooo excited that you are overflowing! xx


Just so you know, you're my new hero. The guts and glory it takes to produce a book of original beauty and wisdom...it simply, positively inspires me. Keep dancing, Beautiful Woman. And reserve a copy for me.

michelle/tangled wings

thank you for showing them to us...you have whetted my appetite...


love them!


So exciting! Now I really can't wait until the unveiling of the whole book!! xoxo


Oh thank you for "exposing" some of your new work for the book! Such beauty, and such wonderful writing, what a joy!


Oh, Christine! I am so thankful for your "spill"! Those images are beautiful and I am thrilled that your book is coming along...can't wait to see the whole thing!

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