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April 03, 2008



hmmmmm... share, share, share? I have peeked in on your blog often, but have never commented... sometimes I'm overcome with a shyness about intruding a space, but I so love what you have posted here and feel encouraged to share that this post resonates, it rings true, and I'm so happy I have landed on your corner of bloggyland...





Hm. Trust. That, in and of itself, is tempting but I enjoy the give and take of a sacred relationship in which I roll my eyes (Oh, there goes God with all that Goddy stuff, again). God and I fight like hell but with smiles on our faces (most of the time - not all - I have called God an asshole and meant it [or in this context, do I need to say Asshole?]). I'm convinced She enjoys the effort even though, at any moment, He could squoosh me like a bug. The effort counts. The effort always counts.


trust is a big one for me..i have missed you...r

Mayberry Magpie

Share, share, share! Isn't that what's so wonderful about blogging? This amazing community of people willing to share -- ideas, triumphs, failures, doubts, joy, pain.

I enjoy your sharing so very much.

Mayberry Magpie

patry francis

It's such a relief when we realize that's all we have to do: TRUST.
Wonderful post, Christine!!


When Deni and I were together I quickly came here and saw the amazing post where you shared the process of making one of your amazing pieces. Just the day before I was sharing with Deni how connected I feel to your posts and your processing of the world. I admire you tremendously as an artist and strong woman.

I have a strange block when it comes to writing-emails, posts, etc, so it is hard for me to reach out that way.

But here I am writing to tell you-that you rock girlfriend. You make me smile, and ponder, giggle and reflect.



i was introduced to lamotts writing in college with "bird by bird" and she has been on my favorite authors list ever since. im terribly jealous. also, i like the way you can interpret the tattoo in so many different ways depending on the situation. very cool.


Yesterday on the Today Show, they did an interview with Sherrie Hirsch about her new book, "We Plan, God laughs." I have never heard of her nor the book, but the title was based off of a Yiddish proverb, "We make plans and God laughs." This proverb has been playing over and over in my head since yesterday morning. I picture God sitting back and waiting patiently for me to let him drive for a while rather than me throwing Him in the backseat while I drive.
I picture him chuckling at me in a loving manner...the way I laugh at my son as he is insists that he put on his own shoes, a task in which he is not yet physically capable of doing as an 18 month old. I wait until he gets so frustrated and angry that he crumples to the ground in despair or until he looks at me for help. Then, I gently take his tiny hands in mine and help him put them on. I will continue to do this until one day, He can do it himself...just as God will help me put on each challenge if I would just let Him do so. And I need to trust that with Him, I can do all things.


I love Anne Lamott! What an inspirational evening it must have been. There's a lot to be said about trusting the "Captain", but in my life, I struggled with trusting the "crew". But then, I ask myself, if I'm part of the crew, can I be trusted at all times in all things? I think we're supposed to struggle with the hard questions to keep us, real, related and involved with this thing called living. It's always great to check in with you! Hugs & Peace.


You know, it's funny, but when I just read "trust the captain" I was actually thinking that the captain refers to YOU, as in you are the captain of your own ship, i.e. life. In which case this phrase would simply mean "trust yourself." But from the little I know about Lamott it does of course make more sense that she would refer to God. Either way, these are words that resonate, thank you for sharing them.

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