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August 12, 2008



Take it one day at a time, somedays it's okay to be down and express the truth and then move on. Just be yourself, thanks for sharing and showing your honesty! :o)


wow, this piece really spoke to me.
i think so many of us struggle with this and yet it is not spoken of often....

so, thank you-
for being you and being real.

that is what inspires me the most.

mccabe xx


it's all a delicate balance isn't it? That path that you create in your own particular life is ever so beautiful, and I am sure has its own brand of difficulties as well, and whatever parts of it you choose to share here or in other parts of your life are true and real, whether you reveal all the stories or not.

Our vulnerability with each other as humans is a beautiful, lovely and daunting thing, and the sharing of our vulnerability with a larger virtual world can be difficult, and also, I have seen it be damaging to some... I guess what I am trying to say is that your questions and thoughts are all too palpable and however much you choose to share, or not, remains at its core a reflection of the purity of heart, of wisdom and of your own life experience that you carry with you always, and that, for me, is totally beautiful. I have been thinking the past few days about authenticity, about what people call the authentic voice, and wondering where and when authenticity gets blurred, and where and when it remains the sharpest, the most focused.

Sharing your joys, your triumphs, your giggles, your love of life is a gift you give, and whatever you share of yourself, uglies or not, will, I think, always remain at its heart, the beautiful shimmery core of your own authentic self. I think that people respond to you because you are a seeker, an authentic voice in this world, and whatever you choose to share reflects those things.


I think you're right ... a lot of bloggers struggle with it. I tend to leave out the tough times as much as possible. And then, while writing, I find myself in a space where I relax and fall into the act of writing.

Everything on my blog is true but there are things I simply don't mention and pieces I leave out.

Congratulations on what you've created, just by the way. I never imagined there was no cost but I enjoy watching as you create.


it does not matter what you write,
for I adore you which ever way you come.
I would love to read about 'all of you', not just the glittery parts, but you have a way of living your life that you sparkle, even when you don't feel shiny!

You are beautiful and honest and positive and hopeful and sometimes puzzled and angry and sad...but you are human and you are 100% YOU and that is why I love you xx


i think a shiny, sparkling place is wonderful to visit, but it's also a relief to know that other people have the same struggles from time to time. it's more human. and more inclusive. and more real. takes the pressure off the rest of us :) no worries - you are wonderful. linda


Beautifully said, Christine, your words resonate deeply. And make me think about why I read the blogs I do? I have to admit that those that are "happy" all the time don't give me much. I feel drawn to those that are on an authentic path and where I feel inspired by their journeys. But I have to admit that I, myself, feel like a fraud at times. My blog is my conscience and I often use the virtual world out there as its sounding board. I struggle with my own authenticity and that is why I keep coming back here, because this is where I am reminded of its roots. You are the "real deal" because you do question and muse and observe :)

Paris Parfait

Like you, I try to put on the best face; to put people at ease; to spin the positive rather than the uncertainty; trying to bring out the light, rather than focus on the darkness. Balance is a fine tightrope to walk these days, but I try to dwell on the good and positive things in life, rather than scary issues lurking in the background. Once in a blue moon I'll write about a personal struggle along the journey - if it seems someone else may benefit from knowing the story - but more often than not, I deal w/ it privately - often w/ the help of my closest friends. xo


That was so beautifully written, and I think that you've summed up what so many people feel. I think that we are all looking for a little glitter. It's an escape, a way to know that the really really fantastic things are possible!

Thank you for your honesty.


It's a delicate line and we all find our own path to it. I'm inclined more to show the mess when it comes up, because I'm as proud of my messiness (and the journey I have walked and continue to walk through it) as I am of my glow - but I think that whichever balance feels best for you is the one that is right for you. You rock!


as humans, we all realize that we all have struggles and high points and low points and darkness. it's being able to see the light and the beauty and the HOPE in these moments that allow us to achieve great things and spread that positive energy as a contribution to the world ~ which you absolutely do!... and i am learning to do from people like you.

it's okay to be content. ; )


This was very well stated :)

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