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September 16, 2008



it think it's time you and I schedule that cup of coffee!
got any free time next week?


It took me darn near 50 years to learn to be alive. Carly Simon sang "Suffering was the only thing that made me feel I was alive". I'm done with that. Now...

..."I haven't got time for the pain" -
Thanks for sharing - Nards


WOW! This was soul-stirring. I've read a few posts about squam, and this one made me feel like I actually got to experience a little bit of it myself! Your handwriting tells me how utterly blissed out you really were at that moment! I feel like I'm lifted up with you in the clouds, hummming, alive, too. Thank you for that! Thank you for every little thing you do... :)


I have read this twice...and now I am quite sure I am positively humming...at first I thought it was the half pot of coffee I've drank tonight...but now, it is most definately your words...:)

Many a thank-you for this...


hee hee

I came back to read this again, and realize I was so moved the first time, that it just flooded my brain and I didn't write a comment.

There is something about you darling that makes my soul shudder blissfully.

I cannot explain properly how much listening to you, reading you feels like I have hooked up a firehose to a life line of courage, inspiration, validation, and clarity.

I have found myself pretty speachless and nervous to try to write how I felt after those days at Squam.

I will never forget, looping my arm in yours on the way to the dining hall, for the first time. Just knowing that I had made a friend for life.

I cherish you so much.



oh this is so lovely. today I have a work retreat. we read "a whole new mind" and I am assigned to the discussion group that covers MEANING. I want to share your writing, I hope this is okay.


how can anyone not feel alive after reading this post?? thank you for your unfaltering enthusiasm in this community, sister. you lead even when you are a student. how thrilling to know you!xoxo p

Tracie~My Petite Maison

I feel alive just reading this knowing that another person in this small little world we all share is alive with creativity, wonder and a sense to forgive as well as so many other things.
I am here from Sherry's Esprit d'Art and I'm so happy she directed me this way - oh that makes me feel "alive" too - creative women sharing and pointing me in the right direction, a direction of sharing JOY.


Couldn't, no way no how, have said it better. Thank you for your words, at SQUAM, here, and in your book; which is like a warm chocolatey-chip cookie and a tall glass of milk--delicious and comforting--that I read right before falling asleep at night. It makes my dreams brighter . . .
thank you.


Forgiveness despite our pain!
Pushing our boundries!
These 2 sentences speaks with my heart


know what happen when your light shines from every possible little hole? The ships come sailing in...

time for truimph!

for celebrations!

for laughter!

and love!!!

twinkle twinkle little big star! xx


That is so wonderful and so thought provoking! Thank you for sharing this with us! Rachaelxo p.s. I came to read it via Sherry at Espirt d'art.

stacy kathryn

your writing just is amazing and inspiring. that is exactly how I feel in this post-squam time!


your words are like a balm to the soul.
thank you, christine.

peace & love,

ps your book is finally with me and
i am soaking all the delicious words in.


This was beautifully written and I enjoyed reading it very much


I am learning what it means to be alive...and you are a huge part of that.
Thank you, Christine.


Thank you for your sparkling inspiration... i LOVE my book... loved meeting you... loved the hugs... loved being partners with you on Saturday... it was a real highlight for me. xx


wow sister - you are on fire and see how you set all these other souls alight? x


Ohhhh!!! You inspiration you! dearest swirly your words positively RADIATE aliveness...!! I can't wait to go next year! I'm planning on it. Period. Done and done.) hum little grand heart hum! XO


yep - alive - so alive...

you got it girl

thanks for sharing

xox - eb.


I just found your site this weekend, ordered your book and look forward to it arriving....alive is the best thing to be! have a wonderful wednesday! ciao!


this just may be my very favorite post, um, ever, anywhere. i just adore you and your writing. your handwriting tells it's own story... it's also alive, and magical.



I like to think that if I was more of a writer and less of a sewist, I would write the words you write, I would say what you're saying, not because I WANT them to me my words or that I WANT to be you (I'm rather pleased being myself), but rather your words ring true for me. I read your book on the way home on the plane and afterwards I sat there holding it in my arms smiling and I thought, how radiant, how true. How if I wrote a book, THIS is the book I'd have written. How your words felt so real, so right. A thing of beauty, CMM...a truly wonderful thing. Thank you.

(and now I have to get a copy for everyone I know)


Gypsy Alex

What an inspired post! I can see the beaming lights from here. I feel the glow surrounding you. It reminds me of a glow I have felt before, and this tells me that I know where to find it... where/ how to feel alive... Your words are like maps showing me how to get back to that lost spark. Miss you :*) Happy to hear you had an amazing time.


I loved meeting you in class on saturday and your book, well....I LOVE YOUR BOOK...LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT !!!!!
It's the best creative and inspirational book I have had in my hands in a loooong time !!!....thank you thank you thank you !!
hugs, beth

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