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September 18, 2008



beautiful. yup. just beautiful. my heart is swelling with love and gratitude for elizabeth and all that came to squam, opening their hearts to love and learn.


Ms. Conley

You amaze me girl...how is it you have time to brush your teeth when your mind, body, hands, brushes, and keyboard are going at a hundred miles an hour with such stunning thoughts and words.....I'm green with envy at your inspirational talent....love yah


so lovely and so very true. you are wonderful, elizabeth is amazing and you are both such powerful, beautiful souls.


This is exactly the way I feel about Elizabeth and this past weekend - you put it so perfectly!

boho girl

oh swirls...how perfectly beautiful and right and poetic and true for our dear poppy.

{and i giggled at davey's comment...how i adore this couple}


what a beautiful post....and you've said it best of all !!

I hope Elizabeth frames this and hangs it where she can read it everyday, just to remind herself how much we all love her and what she created for all us...

it truly was a piece of heaven, wasn't it ?


soooo beautifully put... yes yes yes!!!


soooo beautifully put... yes yes yes!!!

Linda E

oooohhhh....so absolutely perfect, and i second that amen...and you -YOU! you are wonderful...such a glowing, sweetness...thank you for all you gave, and continue to give....linda


a heartfelt amen to that, and another amen just for good measure... beautiful


Like I told you the first night we met, I'm always looking for the joke- I just can't help myself. Ergo, when I read this post, my first thoughts were:

1) OK, you two, break it up....

2) If you guys run away together, can I at least carry your bags?

3) Atlantis- that must be on the way to Sparkletopia?

But seriously, though, Swirl- you are an absolute gem, and it's awesome that the gift that is YOU is now being shared with the world through your amazing book. I know it is helping to make the world a better place, even as I type these words. It was such a pleasure getting to know you, even a little, and I can't wait until our paths cross again. Thank you so much for all the help and love and kind words you have showered on BP these last couple of months. It made a huge difference.

Oh, and you are so beautiful!

Beacoup des bisous enorme,



guardian of dreams...
i love this.
i want this job too!


Elizabeth MacCrellish

oh sure-- make me start yet ANOTHER day in tears!

Damn, you poet! You damn poet!

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