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September 06, 2008



and beautiful glitter tape it is!!!
i got my book today and i must tell you that i totally noted the loveliness of that glitter tape when i opened up the package!
and the book. its stunning. its moving. i spent the afternoon on a pink blanket in the sunshine soaking it in. thanks so much for bringing this beautiful book to the world!

just me

Just got my copy through the mail...

Can't wait to create a quiet moment and open it...


Linda E

absoLUTELY perfect quote! a treasure! looking forward to meeting you tomorrow...if i ever finish re-packing and actually get into the car! Linda PS: glitter tape rocks!

Mandy Saile

Wow oh wow...what a beautiful passage, it brought tears to my eyes...because truly it does feel like someone has peeked into part of my heart...I am going to have to include that passage on my blog tommoroow...thank you so much for that, that someone out there does perhaps truly understand our tender and mystic hearts.

And glitter tape does indeed rule:D ha ha.


I think that I recognize that photo - since I was at Hotel Des Arts just last weekend wandering the halls!
Congrats on finding a spot of downtime.


i wanted to ask you where you got your tape but was not sure if it was a swirly signature ;) a few friends were over the other day looking at your book-and i was all AND IT COMES WITH GLITTER TAPE TOO!

thank god for the little things, or i would have gone off the deep end many a time.


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